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  1. A very well laid out site, and easy to navigate.

    I have been seeking information on George Rider BA , proprietor/master of Grenno House School in the 1840’s.

    1. Thanks for writing in our “Guest Book”. We would certainly be interested in seeing your photo’s, or copies. Could you email images to, or if you live in Grenoside, bring them along to one of our workshops?
      regards, George Clark

  2. Have just found your reply! Am 83 and wheelchair bound so it may take me a while to find the photos so have patience! Are you related? Our family is descended from the Tingles of Ecclesfield and Grenoside – I have a bible signed by Mary Tingle in 1819.

  3. My names is David Taylor.My grandad was Lawrence Taylor.He lived next door to The Angel. He played for Grenoside at football and cricket and also played club tennis. He met his wife, Mary, when he was an apprentice gardener at Birley Hall and she was in silver service. Lawrence’s father, my great-grandad, was called Clement Taylor. He was the verger at the church and also a mortician at the hospital. His wife was Marion (nee) Foster. I knew them all and have fond memories of visiting Grenoside in the late 1960s.I have many photos of them which I can upload.

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