January14Visiting speaker Matt Roberts: Sheffield First – Early women’s suffrage before the suffragettes
February11Visiting speaker David Templeman: Street names in central Sheffield
March10Visiting speaker Pete Lawton: The Battle of Towton in 1461 during the English Wars of the Roses, near the village of Towton in Yorkshire. It was described as “probably the largest and bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil”
September1AGM via Zoom
 15Guest speaker Gillian Waters: The English Civil War as it affected our area (via Zoom)
 29Guest speaker (via Zoom) Ann Featherstone: A Storm in a teashop. The story of a group of waitresses who went on strike and took on the boss
October13Guest speaker (via Zoom) Dr Sylvia Dunkley: The Artistry of Frank Tory and Sons. A description of the decorations on Sheffield’s buildings
November10Guest speaker (via Zoom) Prof John Moreland: The Sheffield and Bradbourne Crosses