Upcoming events

September29Guest speaker (via Zoom)
Ann Featherstone: A Storm in a teashop.
The story of a group of waitresses who
went on strike and took on the boss
October13Guest speaker (via Zoom) Dr Sylvia Dunkley:
The Artistry of Frank Tory and Sons. A description
of the decorations on Sheffield’s buildings
 27Member’s talk (via Zoom): From Fir Vale
to Canada: the British Home Children who
emigrated for work
November10Guest speaker (via Zoom) Prof John Moreland
The Sheffield and Bradbourne Crosses
 24Member’s talk (via Zoom)
The Nether Ley estate, Chapeltown
December8Guest speaker (via Zoom)
Patrick Harding: A Christmas Talk. The
origins and colourful traditions of Christmas
January12Guest speaker
Pete Lawton: What has he got in his pocketses.
What medieval soldiers carried in their kit bags
February9Guest speaker Ann Marples (in Victorian
bustle costume!): The Bustle and Sheffield’s
part in this global fashion phenomenon
March9Guest speaker
Peter Carter: Sheffield’s detective police force
which was well before Sherlock Holmes was
created, and the connection between the two
May11Guest speaker Stephen Johnson:
Dads Army in Sheffield in WW2, how the Home
Guard evolved, their duties and the role of women
June8Guest speaker  Gillian Waters:
The Harrying of the North, where the
rebellion against the Conqueror in 1069
unleashed a wave of terror
 29Guest speaker  David Price:
Welcome To Sheffield: A Migration History.
About 20% of our population have ethnic
minority heritage: why did they choose to
come here?
July13Guest speaker  Lloyd Powell:
Late Medieval Lords of Sheffield, particularly
the greatest medieval warlord John Talbot 
 14Guest speaker:
 21Reading and Research
October5Members meeting
 12Guest speaker:
 26Reading and Research
November2Members meeting, or meet to discuss trips
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 16Reading and Research
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December7Christmas lunch?
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January4Reading and Research
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 25Members meeting
February1Reading and Research
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 22Members meeting
March1Reading and Research
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 22Visit or Members meeting
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April19Reading and Research
May3Reading and Research
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 17Members meeting
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June7Reading and Research
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July5Members meeting
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 19Reading and Research
May14/15Exhibition, Saturday and Sunday