Upcoming events

Mar9Guest speaker (via Zoom) Sylvia Dunkley: Women at work in WW1. The former Lord Mayor will tell us about the contribution Sheffield women made to the war effort through the expansion of their roles to the production of munitions and taking on manual jobs previously done by men
 23Two Members’ talks (via Zoom): Oughtibridge Hall, and Old photos of Ecclesfield and Grenoside
Apr13Members meeting (via Zoom) – an Easter quiz
 20Members meeting (via Zoom): David Ireson speaking on the Sheffield car industry
May11Guest speaker Rod Amos (via Zoom): Body snatching in Yorkshire
 25Members meeting (via Zoom) – Sheffield in 19th century literature
Jun8Guest speaker Ann Featherstone (via Zoom): Fools and horses – the Victorian Circus
 22Outdoor meeting to celebrate the lifting of Covid restrictions?
 29Guest speaker David Price (via Zoom): Welcome To Sheffield: A Migration History. About 20% of our population have ethnic minority heritage: why did they choose to come here?
Jul13Guest speaker: Lloyd Powell (possibly in Main Hall): Late medieval lords of Sheffield. The meeting may also be broadcast on Zoom for non-attendees