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  1. A very well laid out site, and easy to navigate.

    I have been seeking information on George Rider BA , proprietor/master of Grenno House School in the 1840’s.

  2. Looking for descendants of Rita Armitage of Main St Grenoside. Have some family Photos which may be of interest.

    1. Thanks for writing in our “Guest Book”. We would certainly be interested in seeing your photo’s, or copies. Could you email images to, or if you live in Grenoside, bring them along to one of our workshops?
      regards, George Clark

  3. Have just found your reply! Am 83 and wheelchair bound so it may take me a while to find the photos so have patience! Are you related? Our family is descended from the Tingles of Ecclesfield and Grenoside – I have a bible signed by Mary Tingle in 1819.

  4. My names is David Taylor.My grandad was Lawrence Taylor.He lived next door to The Angel. He played for Grenoside at football and cricket and also played club tennis. He met his wife, Mary, when he was an apprentice gardener at Birley Hall and she was in silver service. Lawrence’s father, my great-grandad, was called Clement Taylor. He was the verger at the church and also a mortician at the hospital. His wife was Marion (nee) Foster. I knew them all and have fond memories of visiting Grenoside in the late 1960s.I have many photos of them which I can upload.

  5. This may be known, but a Tingle murdered my great grandfather. There were Tingle family living with the Brookes family at the time, (unknown circumstances) in Ecclesfield. The chap then killed himself. It was at the end of WW1.
    I have all the details and graves information etc if anyone is interested.

  6. This may be known, but a Tingle murdered my great grandfather in Ecclesfield, before killing himself (no offence, it was a long time ago).
    I have full details and graves detail if required.

  7. I wonder if anyone can help me. According to a report in an old Sheffield newspaper, my great great uncle, Brook Hollingworth of Hollingworth and Bedford, Builders, Sheffield, died in 1913 at the age of 56 and his address was given as ‘North Moor’, Long Lane, Grenoside. The report said that he had built the house for his retirement but owing to ill health he never got to enjoy it. His wife lived there until her death in 1930 and and his partner’s widow, Mrs Bedford, also lived there when she died in 1932. I understand from Sheffield Council that the old Long Lane turnpike road is now Main Street. I wondered if anyone knows of a house on Main Street called ‘North Moor’. Many thanks for your help.

  8. Does anyone remember VE Day celebrations in the village and in particular the huge bonfire in front of a farmhouse! I remember being given a potato to cook in the embers but unfortunately being hauled away to bed before I could rescue it! I was living at 28 School Lane then. At 86 have many recollections of war time Grenoside; being taken up Jawbone Hill to see Sheffield on fire in about 1942, Tom Gyte delivering milk in his pony and trap (later borrowed to visit a military show at Wentworth Woodhouse) etc. Hard but happy times!

  9. Hello Grenoside! I have recently completed my family tree of the Higgins family who are from Grenoside/Ecclesfield & have gone back as far as 1776. They started out as Forkmakers. Some of you have made reference to the Tingle family & I have discovered a marriage of Hannah Shepherd Tingle to our John Higgins. Would welcome any info on either family.Thanks Helen.

    1. At the moment we are not meeting as a group due to this pandemic, so it might be difficult to get the information you require, but I will see what I can do. I will pass your message to someone who has looked into the Tingle family tree.

      1. I would appreciate any information on our family ( tingle) I am a direct blood decendant , along with my older brother.
        We both obviously retain the tingle surname & have some family history back to circa 1715 when the our relation ( n n tingle ) was the life partner to the second Earl fitzwilliam… more information would be appreciated

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