January 15 Visit Royal Armouries, Leeds  
  29 Speaker All the Queen’s men Ken Loxley
February 12 Visit Nottingham Castle and Caves  
  19 Speaker Aspects of life in Victorian times Roy Young
March 5 Visit Eden Camp  
  12 Speaker Brodsworth Hall and Gardens Peter Gordon-Smith
  28 Visit The Workhouse in Southwell  
April 9 Speaker In retrospect Trevor Willis
  30 Speaker Sheffield and the Crimean war John Salt
May 11   Exhibition Day  
  21 Speaker Cleanliness next to Godliness Susan Deal
June 18 Visit Tissington  
  25 Speaker Rockingham pottery The Leader brothers
July 9 Visit Brodsworth Hall and Gardens  
  16 Speaker Sheffield Theatres Margaret Maxfield
August 6 Visit Bolsterstone, Dale Dyke dam, Bradfield, Midhopestones, Strines  
September 17 Speaker Ganister mining in Wadsley and Worrall Ray Battye
October 1 Visit Kirby Hall and Lyddington Bede House  
  8 Speaker History of farming in the Bradfield valley Ivor James Brown
  23 Visit Nostell Priory  
  29 Speaker Looking back to the poverty-stricken 30’s Elizabeth Smith
November 12 Visit Two sites in Sheffield  
  19 Speaker Early general practice during Queen Victoria’s reign Ivy Oates
December 3   Christmas Buffet at The Mill of the Black Monks  
  10 Speaker Christmas customs Patrick Harding