January 19 Speaker Symbols as artwork in the church Pat McLoughlin
  26 Visit Leeds museum and the
Thackray museum
February 9 Members’ meeting Local metal industries  
  16 Visit Hillsbro re-visited  
  23 Visit Stamford  
March 9 Members’ meeting The district in 1948  
  16 Speaker The History of motor vehicles
made in Sheffield
Malcolm Dungworth
  23 Visit Skipworth Castle  
April 20 Speaker The workhouse Peter Higginbotham
May 11 Members’ meeting More aspects of Chapeltown  
  18 Speaker Buffer girls Jill Booth
June 15 Speaker Keppel and Keppel’s column Joyce Williams
  29 Speaker Another box of mysteries Leo Leader
July 13 Members’ meeting Memories of shopping, and prices!  
September 21 Speaker The Sheffield Blitz Suzanne Bingham
October 12 Members’ meeting Newton Chambers  
  19 Speaker Two Queens and a Countess David Templeman
November 9 Members’ meeting How the World Wars affected
your family and community
  16 Speaker Model villages for model workers Susan Deal
December 14 Speaker Christmas surprise Trevor Page