January 12 Speaker Sheffield Manor Lodge David Templeman
  19 Members’ meeting Bring & talk about an item that reflects the past  
  26 Speaker Sheffield At The Pictures Mike Higginbottom
February 2 Visit Sheffield Auction Gallery  
  16 Speaker Curiosities of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire John B. Taylor
  23 Members’ meeting Thundercliffe Grange  
March 8 Speaker Britain’s Bloodiest Battle: Battle of Towton David Skillen
  15 Members’ meeting Bring & talk about an item that reflects the past  
April 5 Visit Gainsboro Old Hall and Elsham Hall Gardens  
  12 Speaker Sheffield’s Brewing Heritage 1750-2000 John Dowd
  19 Members’ meeting The Royal Maundy service  
May 3 Visit Chester  
  10 Speaker Six Victorian Scandals Susan Deal
  17 Members’ meeting Our archives and resources  
June 7 Visit Mystery visit “Prayers”. [Ampleforth Abbey]  
  14 Speaker ‘Enemies Within’. Prisoners of War in the British Isles 1939-45, including Lodge Moor Bob Moore
July 5 Visit Kirkstall Abbey, Abbey Museum Leeds. Standedge Tunnel and boat ride  
  12 Speaker The Seed of Kings. The bloodline of British monarchy from Alfred the Great Mike Ogden
September 6   AGM  
  13 Speaker Street Detectives Mike Spick
  20 Visit Visit to York  
October 4 Visit Belton House Lincs, Gardens and basement  
  11 Speaker The Biggest Collection of tools in the UK and probably the World Speaker from the Hawley Collection
November 1 Visit Tapton Hall, Sheffield  
  8 Speaker The Elizabethan Wardrobe Revealed Maureen S Taylor
  29 Speaker Local Christmas Carols, with a piano accompaniment Malcolm Nunn
December 6   Christmas lunch 12.30 for 1pm