January 10 Speaker Treatment of WW1 and WW2
soldiers in Sheffield hospitals
Dr Mike Collins and Mary Garside
  17 Members’ meeting Margaret Gatty  
  31 Speaker Sheffield Salesman to the World Mike Spick
February 14 Speaker ‘In War and Peace’ William Cavendish,
1st Duke of Newcastle
John Taylor
  28 Members’ meeting Notable people  
March 14 Speaker Mary Queen of Scots, the Captive Queen David Templeman
  21 Members’ meeting History of Pantomime, with a special
focus on Grenoside
Steve Atkinson
  28 Visit Sheffield Assay Office  
April 4 Speaker The History of Sheffield Newspapers Suzanne Bingham
  25 Visit Beverley – self guided  
May 9 Speaker Drunken vicars! Dr James Brown
  16 Members’ meeting Discovery  
  23 Visit Crich Tramway Village  
June 13 Speaker Rescuing the Persecuted: Arnold Douwes’
Diary and Resistance in Nazi-occupied
Netherlands 1940-45
Prof Bob Moore
  27 Visit Helmsley Castle  
July 1   Exhibition – Buildings  
  2   Exhibition – Buildings  
  11 Speaker Wentworth Woodhouse and the writing
of “Black Diamonds: the rise and fall of
an English dynasty”
Martyn Johnson
  18 Members’ meeting Local dialects  
September 5   AGM  
  12 Speaker Flowing Through Time: Sheffield’s
River Don
Mike Spick
  19 Members’ meeting    
  26 Visit Leeds Armouries and Thwaites Mill  
October 10 Speaker The Bishops’ House and who lived there Ken Dash
  17 Members’ meeting    
November 14 Speaker Dressing the Medieval Knight. How
knights were dressed, and what
they actually did
Pete Lawton
  28 Visit The Eppic Theatre, Ecclesfield  
December 5   Christmas lunch  
  12 Speaker How The Tudors Celebrated Christmas Maureen Taylor