Upcoming events

Jan11Guest speaker: Penny Rhea (via Zoom), speaking about anti-slavery reformer Mary Anne Rawson from Wincobank Hall 
 25Members meeting: An old Ecclesfield diary
Feb8Guest speaker: Helen Mathers (via Zoom) speaking on the topic “Born in Sheffield”
 22Members meeting: our Covid diaries
Mar8Guest speaker: Sylvia Dunkley speaking about the Bapaume commune in France, “Always friends, always united”
 22Members meeting: a stroll through 1940’s Grenoside
 29Reading and Research restarts
Apr19Peter Machan: wanderings in a curious valley
May3Possible visit? (training day for Grenoside school)
 10Guest speaker Ann Featherstone, speaking  on Rose Buckner’s Post War World of Homemaking
 17Reading and Research
 24Members meeting:
 31No meeting
Jun 7Visit or outdoor meeting?
 14Guest speaker Pete Lawton, speaking on “What has he got in his pocketses?”
 21Reading and Research
 28Members meeting:
Jul5Visit or outdoor meeting?
 12Guest speaker Lloyd Powell, speaking on the Medieval lords of Sheffield